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  1. American TV Show Writers Accidentally Write Plot

    While desperately searching for the next question, writer Paul O’Paulsky stumbled upon an answer. This weekend viewers of Ambigous Situation will find themselves in a slightly reduced state of bewilderment after they see the newest episode.

    I guess it had to happen eventually,” O’Paulsky said in a packed ...

  2. Economic Crisis Forces Golf Courses to Reduce Number Of Holes

    Mild reductions of bonuses at large financial companies, caused by stern headlines in the Daily Mail, have curtailed the feel-good fancy free attitudes of bankers everywhere, and it’s the golf courses who are suffering.

    Once, hitting the fairway was enough to avoid the obstacles, but old favourites like the ...

  3. John Lewis Decimates Business Landscape With “2.0” Bombshell

    The John Lewis Partnership today announced plans to revolutionise retail by updating the business model of their 27 department stores across the UK to catch up to the Internet age.

    As of the 31st of August, the stores will distribute their products for free, while advertising will be the sole ...

  4. Leading Shampoo Brands now “More Nutritious than Cereal”

    News has emerged this morning that the nutritional content of shampoo is often higher than that of breakfast cereals.

    Rising uses of vitamin-rich ingredients such as aubergine in hair cleaning products means taking a shower can now count as one of your five-a-day

    Scurvy and Dandruff

    Captain Cook was reputed ...

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