Serial Killers “Very Sorry” for Mass Murder

Wed 11 February 2009
By Ross

Police recordings released under the Freedom from Information Act 2010 have revealed the surprising accounts of several convicted serial killers apologising for their actions.

In what some are calling a bold and unexpected move, mass murderers such as Harold Shipman and Peter Sutcliffe can be seen giving their heartfelt apologies for the acts they committed and the lives they affected.

I acted entirely out of my own selfish desires and for that I am deeply, very sorry,” an apologetic Harold Shipman is heard to say on video footage acquired by WAFTI through entirely legitimate means.

A remorseful Peter Sutcliffe says, “I’m incredibly sorry for my actions and the lives they affected.”

Similar statements can be heard from Myra Hindley, Fred West and Trevor Hardy.

Whilst these statements have been a surprise to many, many people have been calling it “too little, too late”.

I’m not having it,” says Jane Button, a caretaker from Crewe. “An apology this late is all well and good, but it’s not going to get my husband’s pension back or pay our mortgage.”

Will Fully-Ignorant, head of Lock Em Up — a prison advocacy group — says he won’t accept the apologies. “This is simply not good enough. It merely tells us they knew full well what they were doing was wrong, but they only cared about themselves. I’m not having it. Lock them up, that’s what I say.”

The government is yet to release a statement on the matter, but it believed that they will be looking to divert even more tax money into bailing some of these criminals out of prison.