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  1. Bruce Springsteen Declared Sharia Compliant

    caption “These are all mine,” says judge

    In a major blow to shirt-wearing rifle patriots across the lower states, hero Bruce Springsteen was declared compatible with the teachings of the Koran by the UK’s foremost Sharia court.

    The Boss was said to be “intrigued” by the fatwa, which will ...

  2. 40-Year-Old Beatles Songs Discovered In The Charts

    Music pundits and the listening public alike were feeling fine today as Apple Corp announced the discovery of hundreds of Beatles songs in the upper reaches of the Top 40. However, experts have expressed doubts as to their authenticity.

    The initial announcement of the discovery was made by James Female ...

  3. American TV Show Writers Accidentally Write Plot

    While desperately searching for the next question, writer Paul O’Paulsky stumbled upon an answer. This weekend viewers of Ambigous Situation will find themselves in a slightly reduced state of bewilderment after they see the newest episode.

    I guess it had to happen eventually,” O’Paulsky said in a packed ...

  4. Ashes Series In Chaos After Mishap

    The Ashes test series between England and Australia was thrown into disarray this afternoon after it was revealed that the urn had been knocked over last night and its contents lost.

    The news was revealed at a joint press conference given today by the English and Australian team captains and ...

  5. Sony Music Entertainment achieves UK Christmas #1

    In a neck and neck dash for the country’s most pretigious award, Sony Music Entertainment finally came out on top with the UK best-selling single for Christmas over close rival: Sony Music Entertainment.

    The surprise win was part of a campaign on Facebook and other social networking sites to ...

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