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  1. Leading Shampoo Brands now “More Nutritious than Cereal”

    News has emerged this morning that the nutritional content of shampoo is often higher than that of breakfast cereals.

    Rising uses of vitamin-rich ingredients such as aubergine in hair cleaning products means taking a shower can now count as one of your five-a-day

    Scurvy and Dandruff

    Captain Cook was reputed ...

  2. Telescope Discovers Earth-Like “Sauna World”

    An astronomical telesope in the Canary Islands has discovered the first known health spa on an extra-solar planet, it was reported this week.

    The announcement is a shot in the arm for beleagured health chiefs, who have emerged as an unexpected casualty of the recent economic downturn.

    As a result ...

  3. Police Constable sectioned in Nottingham

    A member of the Nottingham Constabulary was today admitted to a local psychiatric ward after a series of reports questioning his state of mind.

    It was revealed that Police Constable Frank Bang was confirmed by doctors to be suffering from paranoia and delusional behaviour. Concerns were first raised by senior ...

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