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  1. Tory Party’s Nanny In Fraudulent Claims Kerfuffle

    The Conservative Party’s last remaining woman of toil has been forced to defend her conduct after it emerged that she has been accused of financial indiscretions regarding her second home.

    Tiffany Castro, who is employed by all 193 current Tory MPs, is under accusation of gross misconduct by the ...

  2. Ordinary Britons feel ‘swamped’ with anti-immigrants

    Large numbers of regular hard-working ordinary families complain that they feel “swamped” and “overrun” with anti-immigration policy drives, a study by the think-tank has shown.

    The Policy and Legislation Examination Board (PLEB) has revealed in their research that the majority of hard-working, ordinary, hard-working families feel that the Britain’s ...

  3. Minister Criticised for “Bashing Bishop”

    Shock and awe spread throughout the House of Commons yesterday as the Minister for Mammals, David Spert, was heard making derogatory remarks about a senior member of the Church of England.

    The exact wording is yet to be confirmed by HP sources, but the minister’s comments are claimed to ...

  4. Darling Budget Scuppers Plans to Run Cars on Cider

    The rising practice of circumventing UK fuel duty by converting vehicles to run on cider has come under attack from Chancellor Alistair Darling in his final Budget before the election.

    An increase of 10% above inflation has been announced for the duty on ciders this year.

    Over the last 12 ...

  5. Shadow Minister: Government has “eaten all the pies”

    Parliament yesterday erupted into chaos after a member of the shadow cabinet accused the current Government of having eaten “all the pies”.

    Such claims came from the right honourable David Mouse, MP for Taunton’s cider farms, in the light of recent controversy over the number of pies MPs have ...

  6. Local authorities remove oxygen from town centres

    Millions of proud Britons all over England, and some parts of Wales, have not only been disallowed from celebrating Christmas by the government, but are now being told that they are no longer allowed to respire with oxygen - our national gas for centuries.

    The new measures were drawn up by ...

  7. Economics teaching under scrutiny in US

    The Kansas school board came under significant pressure this week over the content taught in economics lessons in its schools.

    Proponents of the so-called “Intelligent Market” theory have claimed that current teaching methods are overly biased towards free market theories by the likes of Adam Smith.

    We respect work of ...

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