Police Constable sectioned in Nottingham

Fri 16 January 2015
By Ross

A member of the Nottingham Constabulary was today admitted to a local psychiatric ward after a series of reports questioning his state of mind.

It was revealed that Police Constable Frank Bang was confirmed by doctors to be suffering from paranoia and delusional behaviour. Concerns were first raised by senior officers as early as November last year when PC Bang was showing “significant signs of paranoia” and “repeated delusions of conspiracy.”

According to colleagues, Frank increasingly seemed convinced of the existence of a conspiracy to control his mind and his behaviour. “He kept telling us there as some group of people out there intent on telling him what to say and think,” said WPC Kelly Boson, a close colleague. “We would try and reason with him, but nothing would convince him otherwise.”

The paranoia eventually extended to the public side of Frank’s work. “He came into work one day in November this year claiming that there was some force intent on stealing Christmas,” explained Sergeant Chris Cross in an official press release. “He attempted to start a campaign to save it from being stolen and he was unswayed in the belief that there was a brigade set out to stop him doing so.

Calls for PC Bang to be sectioned finally came when his delusional actions spread into writing letters fueled by his paranoia to the publications The Sun and The Daily Mail. He tried to convince readers that “They’re trying to ban Christmas.”

This was the final straw,” said Sergeant Cross. “This was a clear case of a PC gone mad. The decision was taken to limit the damage from Constable Bang’s paranoia and see that he gets the help he needs.”

It is believed that PC Bang is to be held for thorough diagnosis and “whether he is to be held for longer is unclear at this stage.”