Iced Rain” Baffles Scientists

Mon 09 February 2009
By Ross

Scientists in the UK are still unable to explain the unusual shift in weather experienced throughout much of the country over the last week.

The British Isles has always been home to much wetness, but its residents were faced over the last seven days with a rather unusual difference. Since Monday last week, there were several reports of a phenomon of white, icy particles falling from the sky.

It’s almost as if the rain froze before falling to Earth,” suggests Patrick Thistle, head of Water Sciences at Nottingham Trent University.

There’s no good explanation at this early stage, but we’ve been able to collect samples and are running several tests. We hope to be able to describe the origin of this phenonenom soon.”

Many of the country’s roads and train lines have been closed off as Gordon Brown declared a state of emergency on Thursday. Many commuters complained of unusual behaviour from their cars.

This stuff is really bizarre,” reports Sid Cup from Letchworth. “I was doing my usual commute to London and my car was sliding all over the road. My wife tried to blame it on the white russians I had with my cereal, but I know this stuff was involved somehow.”

Mary Snowflake, chairperson of the Milton Keynes council informs she had to shut down the whole mass transit system. “We started getting reports of some bizarre, white substance falling from the sky that was affecting local drivers’ ability, so we decided to take no risks. At a time where nobody should be out in their cars, the most sensible thing to do is to shut down all buses.”

All that is known so far is the substance appears to be similar to or composed of ice, perhaps alike the ice content of a snowcone.”

Many Milton Keynes residents have alikened the precipitate to the ground covering inside the local indoor ski slope, known as the “SNO!zone”. However, management denies any connection.

What is known is that such a phenomenon has never been observed in the UK before. The Met Office has confirmed that its records show much cold rain, but never anything comparable to recent events.

The government has sent a fact-finding group abroad to the Bahamas to hope to acquire some scientific findings from our international partners.