Britain’s worst criminal brought to justice

Sun 01 February 2015
By Ross

Thames Valley Police put yet another feather in its cap after arresting a woman accused of 50 separate crimes shortly after brunch this morning.

Anne Sheep, from Milton Keynes, was first reported to have been in charge of caring for her child without the appropriate Childcare Licence. Ofsted says looking after children this way without being registered and licenced contravenes the Nanny Act as the care lasted for longer than two hours and constituted receiving “a reward”.

A neighbour reported Ms. Sheep saying she found raising her son ‘very rewarding’ so this is in clear violation of the measures we put in place to protect children from their mothers,” an Ofsted inspector wrote on his Myspace blog.

Civil Liberties campaigners and other whingers were said to be outraged at the incident and have responded in full force by drawing Hitler moustaches on photographs of the Minister for Children, Roger Duck.


In an interview over Facebook chat, Ms. Sheep told WAFTI: “When the inspector called, the first thing she did was wipe her feet. Then she distracted me with a card trick while another officer handcuffed me.”

She was then taken to the police station and only allowed one phone call and to be able to check Facebook for 10 minutes, whilst her child was taken into protection.